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What Makes Us the best?

About Us

Macomb Core Aeration, is a part of First Cut Lawn LLC, and has been doing local Aeration for the last 19  years.    We are local, we are a small company, and we are ready to offer the highest quality results compared to our competitors.

Local Company:   We are not a franchise, we are small enough to handle you as an person, big enough and experienced enough to get you the right results.

The Best Aerator Machines:   Our aerators are not like ones you would rent at Home Depot.   Ours are built for small spaces and able to handle corners with ease.   Also our machines have 50% more tines, allowing us to pull more plugs then most of our competitor's machines.

Dedicated Aerating Crew:  We have one crew that only does aerations.     Other companies will squeeze you into their lawn routes, and a couple rainy days will get you pushed back for days. 

Deal Directly with the owner: Accountability, Call Joe now.

Macomb Core Aeration is a branch of First Cut Lawn Care.    For more info on lawn care and snow removal CLICK HERE.

Weekday Service

You don't even have to be home, just leave the gate unlocked.   Most lawn take us between 45 minutes and an hour.    


Spring and Fall:

Due to excessive heat possible during the summer months we only offer our service during the spring and fall.    You want your lawn strong and healthy when we come, with a lot of water to follow.     Rainy Spring and Fall months offer the best conditions.