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What does Aerating do?

Aerating is the process of removing small plugs of soil from the turf.  Core aerators are the best types of mechanical aerators because they remove the soil, rather than pushing soil back in to the ground.   Lawn aeration is one of the keys to healthy lawn maintenance.

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There is equipment that will just poke holes in your lawn. Unfortunately, this does exactly the opposite of what you need.   Just poking holes compacts the soil making it harder for roots to grow.


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Do we Dethatch?


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We do.   Although we find many customers that request this service do not need it.   If you have very thick grass with thatch buildup we can help.   If you have thin grass or just brown grass, aeration would be a better option.

Our machines are built for small lawns and take corners with ease.   A step above rentals from Home Improvement companies.

Aeration is the process or removing plugs from your lawn.   Taking out plugs opens your soil up for deeper and stronger roots for your grass.

Are there Other Options?

Macomb Core Aeration is a branch of First Cut Lawn Care.    For more info on lawn care or snow removal CLICK HERE.

We are also a proud sponsor and partner of   Highlighting local high school athletes and teams.

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